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Here at Lisa’s Beauty Room we have a variety of different self-employed therapists providing a wide range of treatments.


Debby of Just Gels
Nail Technician

To book an appointment with Debby of Just Gels follow the link below

Debby is our full time, in house nail technician bringing the best in gels, The Gel Bottle to Lisa’s Beauty Room!

Debby from Just Gels Nails qualified as a nail technician in 2015 and has been working from Lisa’s Beauty Room since September 2022. She specialises in BIAB (builder in a bottle) from The Gel Bottle Inc.

The treatments Debby offers are:

- The Gel Bottle Manicure
- The Gel Bottle Pedicure
- OPI Manicure
- OPI Pedicure
- FitTip Gel Extensions
- Pro -Form Gel/ Acrylic Hybrid
- Callus Peel
- Nail Art

Gemma of On Point Aesthetics Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner

Gemma is a Harley Street Trained Advanced Aesthetician providing advanced procedures and can be found at Lisa’s Beauty Room on select days of the week.

Gemma is a well established practitioner in the industry and will tailor each treatment to the individual.

The treatments Gemma offers are:

• Advanced Botulinum Toxin (Anti-Wrinkle)
• Advanced Dermal Filler
• PDO Threads
• Body Tightening & Lifting
• Skin Boosters
• Fat Dissolving
• Skinny jabs
• Wellness Injections(Vitamin Injections)
• Mesotherapy
• Microneedling

• DIBI Milano Advanced Facials

• Non Surgical Facelifts

To book an appointment with Gemma of On Point Aesthetics please contact her directly on 07496001633
or book online via the link below

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